Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Deep House Archives Vol. 10 - The Reverberated Note


After many requests from our listeners, we bring back one of the most popular DHA mixes, The Reverberated Note, mixed by Theo Zanos at Thessaloniki almost 6 years ago (October 2001). As it was described at that time: Selected house cuts which do not fall into a single category: this is a short excursion into the different perspectives on contemporary underground house, showcasing the extend to which traditional dance music styles, like dub, jazz and soul have been incorporated into modern house and techno. In any case, this is interesting dance music, from a number of different countries and different "schools" within house, mixed with the dancefloor in mind.

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Here's the tracklisting for the mix

groove assassins & dj raw - warehouse daze - black vinyl
head nodding society - nudge up - paper recordings
global communication - the way (secret ingredients mix) - dedicated
didier sinclair & chris pi - groove 2 me - serial
schmoov - chicken grease- paper recordings
paris angeles - foot your hospital - serial
future funk - switch lock- plastic city
c&m productions feat marcel - true house (more filter mix) - kontor
rob mello - scared of losing you (no ears dub) - classic
norma jean bell - do you wanna party - pandamonium
tom middleton & mark pritchard - chicago chicago- smugg
moodymann - the third track - planet e
dj gregory - hands - basic
julien jabre - sun is back - versatile



Anonymous said...

A real classic. Been waiting for that quite a while, at last i have it! thanks!

scotchmizzed said...

absolutely brill

Anonymous said...

Yep Yep, this one was playing a few weeks ago in the car when we were going to the "Café d'Anvers" in Antwerp. It was just perfect!!

Thx for bringing it back and keep it spinnin'

Greetz from Brussels

PS: hope to see soon the "Melting Pot" mix online again!

Unknown said...

Have this one still playing regularly in the car. Brings back good memories. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...


fantastic that all the previously released archives are being re-released. I missed a few back then and here they are again... Great

Can anybody tell me how to use the cue file?


Anonymous said...

download a software (there's cue splitter which is free) and using the mp3 file and the cue file, you can split the huge mp3 file to small individual tracks for easier navigation.

Nozza said...

When I split them I still get a slight stutter at the interchange between tracks.

scotchmizzed said...

To use the cue file for listening use foobar 2000 and as long the cue file and mp3 are in same folder just double click or right click and open with foobar. To burn with nero go to "burn Image" and point it to cue file. Voila

Anonymous said...

Love this set! I've downloaded it in 2002 and has been one of my favorites since!

Great to see that DHA is back!!

Keep up the good work guys! :)

Anonymous said...

BTW, I don't have a lot of experience with cue files, but there are some plugins for WinAmp.

I can also recommend Medieval CUE Splitter v1.0, which splits mp3 files based on the information in the cue file, and lets you customize how files are named, etc.

Good luck!

roonii said...

I downloaded this in 2002 and lost it, now on a sunny sundayevening in 2009 stumbled upon it again, absolutely amazing, this is good stuff