Friday, November 23, 2007

Deep House Archives Vol. 12 - Disco Demolition Night


We conclude the revival of the old DHA mixes from Theo Zanos with Disco Demolition Night. Here's the description of the set, as featured in the first Deep House Archives website in January of 2003.

Disco Demolition Night, held at 1979 was maybe the biggest backlash in the history of Disco. Local radio DJ Steve Dahl (Loop FM) organized this anti-disco rally at Comiskey Park in Chicago, which eventually turned into a riot, portraying racial prejudice against black music in general.

This issue of DHA will try to bring back the elements of Disco that made this style of music an underground musical phenomenon and the biggest influence in contemporary dance music. Tracks that escape the mainstream "Saturday Night Fever" disco, it's mostly intensive, massive Disco grooves of anthemic proportions, many of them big hits in underground clubs like Paradise Garage, NY and Warehouse, Chicago, and played from pioneering DJs like Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles and David Mancuso.

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Here's the tracklisting for the mix

raw silk - just in time - west end records
d-train - keep on - prelude records
gene chandler - get down - chi-sounds records
ramona brooks - i don’t want you back - q records
geraldine hunt - can’t fake the feeling - amo records
aquarian dream - phoenix - buddah
love committee - just as long as i got you - gold mind records
johnny hammond - los conquistadores chocolates - milestone records
charanga 76 - ain’t no stopping us now - tr records
joe bataan - latin lover - salsoul records
george duke - positive energy - epic
esther williams - i’ll be your pleasure - rca records
brainstorm - we’re on our way home - tabu records
clyde alexander - gotta get your love - heavenly star
crown heights affair - dreaming a dream - de-lite records
disco dub band - for the love of money - movers
atmosfear - dancing in outer space - mca records
class action - weekend (larry levan weekend mix) - sleeping bag records
first choice - let no man put us under - salsoul records



jasonb said...

a true classic mix! thanks for reposting this, have been looking for it for a while...

Scotch said...

Another classic mix, some gems on this. Many Thanks

Joe Destruction said...

Sorry guys but it's just untrue to say that Disco Demolition was racist, or even to say that it was a riot. It was a COMEDY bit that turned into an uncontrolled crowd, i.e. there was no fighting or injuries and therefore NOT A RIOT.

Also, Steve Dahl's anti-disco army was a protest against the extremely commercial aspects of disco and what had become an arrogant and elitist life-style (for some, not all) that prospered the notion that if you weren't "into it" then you weren't cool. Steve worked at a radio station that went all disco and when he left it was just natural to attack the competition.

Again, to call is racist is simply untrue, and to call it a 'riot' is simply not accurate. It was a celebration for rock fans that just went a little out of control, but hardly a racially motivated riot by any stretch of the imagination, it's simply not historically correct to say otherwise.